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swirl 'n twirl

yutsuki's journal

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  • stwirl@livejournal.com
You're in the wrong place if you're looking for my graphics, but you can find them at yutsuki
Currently 18, i am an extremely lazy slob with my favourite pastime sleeping. I like things clean and orderly, although sometimes things get out of control... I lose interest in things quickly and often you can find me starting off something and never finishing it.
I play piano and use to play the cello, but due to lack of interest i gave it up. 2008 is my last year in high school, and i'm one of the lost sheep with no idea of what to do in the future. In school my favourite subject is Design, and the only subject i take this year that i despise is Statistics. Other subjects include Painting, Music, and Web Design.
My username comes from the words 'Swirl' and 'Twirl' mixed together and my original online alias was Yuko, but because it was so common i thought of yutsuki which i now currently use as my graphics journal name. I do not own any other accounts such as Bebo, Myspace, Facebook or anything like that.

I first started writing about life and random things in yutsuki but because it was troublesome managing icons and journal entries at the same time (plus the people who friended me just to see my icons) i decided to open up this journal. Although i've had to restart it once.

My current Fandoms include:
Code Geass. Soul Eater. Naruto. Nabari no Ou. Akihabara@DEEP.

Currently watching: Code Geass R2. Naruto. Death Note. Nabari no Ou. D.Gray-man. Soul Eater. Bleach. Itazura na Kiss. Special A.

Currently Crazing over: Code Geass/Gundam Model building. Rubix Cubing.
PSP - I've always wanted a PSP, ever since it came out. I really want this pink one i saw online once, but i always have trouble saving money.... BUT i will get one by the end of this year. Hopefully.
Code Geass Figurines - I cant believe i still dont have any!!!! I have character mascots though, so i'm getting there XD
NINTENDO WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More Money - face it, who doesn't?
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